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Electric bike conversion: Benefits, Installation, Disadvantage

electric bike

More than ever, it’s important to keep up with the times, and as time passes, innovations bring ever faster changes that it can be hard to keep track of.

Staying fit and healthy has always been an essential, and cycling is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy, but bikes and bodies both age, so why not consider giving both a boost with an electric bike conversion. You can convert your ordinary bicycle to an electric bike with the help of electric bike conversion kits.

Why do we need electric bike conversion kit?

If you already have a bicycle that you love and you do not want to buy a new e-bike, or you don’t want to invest in a new electric bike, then you need to convert your old bike to an electric bike. The conversion kit helps you to convert a bicycle to an electric bike.

Today, electric bikes are gaining popularity all over the world. Since the global pandemic, their demand is significantly increased, for both health and environmental reasons. Many people in Europe like to travel by bicycle. Boys and girls find it much easier and greener to go to school. Also, if you want to travel a few miles further afield, you can with the help of an electric bike.

Whether you live in a hilly area or suburban centre, cycling can take much effort. With the help of electric bikes, the journey becomes more accessible, and you don’t have to put in as much effort.

With the advent of conversion kits, it is no longer even necessary to use a car or bike if you have to get somewhere quickly. Buying a new electric bike can be difficult and expensive. But with the help of our bike conversion kit, you can enjoy an electric bike by converting your bicycle to an electric bike at a low cost.

Benefits of an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

We have discussed the reasons to convert your bicycle to an E-Bike. Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of the electric bike conversion kit and other necessary details. This will help you a lot in converting a bike to an electric bike. Before buying our e-bike conversion kit, there are a few basic things to know about it.

Electric bike wheel kit:

When a new innovation hits the market, and becomes a success, competition and variety increase. The same is true with e-bike conversion kits and electric bikes. Many electric bike manufacturers make front wheel kits that turn your bike into the fastest electric bike. With the help of this electric conversion kit, you can easily travel both off-road and on-road. But before that, it is essential to know about the electric bike wheel kit.

  • It contains a brushless and gearless rear hub motor.
  • The motor has electric power of 100W or 500W.
  • It is available in different wheel sizes to choose from 26 inches to 28 inches.
  • With the help of this system, you can maintain your biking speed limit up to 25km/h.
  • With thumb type or lever controls, you can increase power and speed.
  • Other features include system cables and motor cables.

Extraordinary power assistance

Doesn’t the ability to cycle for longer, travel further, feel better and breathe more easily sound great!?  These things are attainable with an electric bike conversion kit.

Purchasing a new electric bike conversion kit will introduce you to a new and exciting cycling experience.

Installation Process

Installation is straightforward but somewhat technical. If you’re mechanically minded, you will be able to install the parts of the electric bike conversion kit without any hesitation. If not, you may have to get help from the manufacture, from online toolkits or from experts like us, who can install it for you.

You’ll need access to specific tools, which may vary depending on your bike or the kit you choose. At the very least, expect to need an air pump, screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers.  Again, if not immediately accessible, you may require extra assistance.

Even the most knowledgeable bike enthusiasts should set aside a good couple of hours to install the different devices and it is strongly suggested that you utilize a bicycle stand to guarantee that you are working easily. Bicycle stands will likewise assist with decreasing the strain related to the whole cycle and long-haul support of the bicycle.

At the end of the day, many people may well decide that a new electric bike is the best way forward. The clear pro is that this is a custom-built vehicle ready to meet whatever challenges you throw at it.  Clearly, though, the expense will be higher.


While the advantages of these conversion kits are clear, there are also some disadvantages that need to be known in advance. For instance, installing an electric conversion kit on your bicycle will obviously increase its weight, which, in turn, will have an impact on its balance.

Correct installation is vital to prevent damage to the structure of your bicycle or, even worse, damage caused by a poorly fitted battery.  Therefore, before installing the electric bike conversion kit, you must make some changes to the basic structure of your bicycle.

Why not speak to Electride, experts in all aspects of bike and e-bike technology and conversions. Let us do the hard work for you!

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Is It Worth Converting Your Bike To Electric?

Etrikes are practical alternative to two-wheeled ebikes. Order one today from Electride

By Electride

When Electride opened it’s latest bike shop in Newtown, Powys the team was inundated with enquiries to convert bikes to electric.  Whilst Electride already offer electric bike conversions, the team wasn’t recommending it as an alternative to buying a ready-made electric bike.

Until…..we really thought about it.

There are many reasons why electric bikes are becoming so popular and arguably the top two reasons are the fitness and environmental benefits that they bring.  

Surely, if you have a bike that you are already comfortable with then disposing of it is neither good for your pocket or the environment.

“Calling into Electride to discuss your requirements and expectations will provide a level of expertise and assurance that you won’t find online.  Also, all Electride conversion kits match online prices, come with two years free servicing and offer you 10% discount on parts and accessories for life.”

However, there are caveats, buying a cheap bike conversion is liable to leave you disappointed not only in the results but also the look of your bike after it has been converted.  Staring at your beloved bike covered with wires and cable ties and your bank £500 or more lighter is not going to inspire you to hit the hills in a hurry.

But money and time invested wisely does allow you to build the bike that you want through a bike conversion kit.

The options are many and varied – do you want a front wheel drive bike conversion, a rear wheel drive bike conversion or a mid-drive pedal conversion?

How powerful do you want your motor?  What size battery do you want?  Where do you want the battery mounted?  On the frame or in a rack?

Whilst complex, converting your bike to electric allows you to get exactly what you want for your bike.  Thus possibly removing cost as a barrier.

However, there are many traps that you can fall into.  So, before you decide whether it is worth converting your bike to electric, it is recommended that you take your bike to Electride for a free consultation.

You can purchase electric bike conversion kits online for a wide range of prices from a number of companies.  However, at Electride the team keeps it simple by only fitting two makes of conversion kit.

Pendix and Cyclotricity have been carefully selected by company management as being worthy of Electride’s customers. 

With Electride selling at the same in-store price as online prices combined with the in-store service and expertise, converting your bike at Electride is a no-brainer.

Electride will not only carry out the bike conversion for you but the team will take you through all options without obligation.

So call 0800 689 4733 or email to find out the best options for you

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Why it’s time to ride electrified – Electric Motorcycles

It’s true that electric motorcycles are a few years behind electric cars, but they are catching up and are fast becoming a popular option for commuters, first-time riders and even experienced bikers – unsurprising given the wide range of benefits that e-motorbikes can offer.

The biggest and most fundamental difference between petrol powered and electric motorbikes is that they don’t have an engine.  Electric motorbikes are powered exclusively by rechargeable batteries and electric motors.

Where they are similar though, is that for both you need the correct licence to ride them, as well as tax, MOT and insurance. And, of course, you need to be equally well protected however your bike is powered.

Electric motorbikes, like their petrol counterparts also come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one to suit your needs.

And while the sale of petrol-powered motorbikes will inevitably cease in the not-too-distant future, the case for electric is already pretty strong:

Power: Electric motorcycles have fantastic power and are very fast. With 100% instant torque, you get a rapid acceleration that a petrol bike can’t match.  The delivery of this torque is linear, which also means you won’t get the surge feeling you get with petrol bikes. 

Maintenance: An electric bike has one moving part.  There are no oil, spark plugs, air filters or timing belts to deal with and many electric motorbikes don’t even have a gearbox or clutch.  The only maintenance you’ll need to carry out is on the tyres, brake pads and hydraulic fluid, which will all last longer as the electric motor does most of the braking.

Noise: Petrol bikes are loud and electric bikes are naturally much quieter. This is great for riders who like to talk or listen to music and it is much gentler on the ears, so you won’t need ear protection.

Pollution: Electric motorbikes have a minimal carbon footprint, zero CO2 emissions and reduce noise pollution too.

The financial benefits are significant too.  Whilst it is possible that an electric motorbike might initially cost more than a petrol one, in the long-run, you can make incredible savings.  A full charge to your motorcycle can cost as little as 8 pence.  On top of this there are government incentives on taxes and other motorbike related fees.  So while you might be paying more at the start, you can easily recover this money and make massive savings every year.

And because electric motorcycles are easy to maintain and have just one moving part, you will also save money on services, repairs and maintenance.

On top of all of this, there is also grant funding available when you purchase a brand new electric motorbike, with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), offering a rebate of up to 20% of the purchase cost, making an electric motorbike an even more affordable and compelling choice.

E-lectride (a trading subsidiary of Revive & Thrive), based at unit 9 Mochdre Industrial Estate in Newtown are approved dealers for Artisan Electric, a relative newcomer to the electric motorbike market, but a growing brand, and with good reason.

From the EV200R, which summons up images of 1960’s Vespa motorcades and the classically contoured Horwin CR6 to the sleek EVO and off-road ready ES1-Pro, there are a range of styles at E-lectride to suit every need and desire, along with a full selection of safety equipment and accessories.

The showroom is open daily so drop-in, or even better, pre-book a test-ride on one of these fantastic vehicles today!

Use the menu above of follow these links to your next electric ride or find your ebike here, your escooter here and your emotorcycles here

Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive

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Get on your e-bike with Electride!

Newtown based business, Electride, specialists in electric vehicles, have a new look in store! A designated e-bike, e-scooter and e-motorbike area, it’s easier now than ever to browse for your perfect match!

With a growing range of electric scooters, bicycles (and even a tricycle that you may have seen around town!), motorbikes and cars, it should be anyone’s first port of call when looking for environmentally sustainable ways of getting around.

And, during the last couple of weeks, Electride has partnered with Oxford Products to bring to Newtown a wide range of cycling and motorcycle accessories, from safety gear and helmets to rider wear, cleaning equipment and even a variety of mini-accessories to help kids cycle safely.

There is a growing base of evidence that demonstrates the health and financial benefits of using electric vehicles, with studies showing that the average distance covered by cyclists on normal bikes is around 1.3 miles per day, while riders of e-bikes cover up to 5.7 miles – four times the distance!

And, e-cyclists are far more likely to ditch the bus or car, taking up to 49% of all their journeys on a bike, generating significant cost benefits. For those who are less inclined to take advantage of pedal power, an electric motorbike costs as little as 8 pence for a full charge and with ranges of up to 80 miles, that’s the equivalent of riding 1,000 miles for just £1!

A range of bicycle and motorbike accessories available to browse in store

At a time when it is suddenly all too easy to shop online, the friendly team at Electride’s showroom at Unit 9 Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, would like to encourage you all to come and visit them in-store to view the vehicles and accessories, and to maybe test drive some of the range and are also keen to remind you that, if you can’t get to the store in person, you can still support local online at their website:

Use the menu above of follow these links to your next electric ride or find your ebike here, your escooter here and your emotorcycles here

Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive


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Cycling Through Lockdown

Following the announcement from the First Minister of Wales on the 19th of October regarding the fire-break lockdown, there have been some alterations in measures for cyclists in Wales.

Although it is advised to stay close to home, there is no distance limit on how far you can go during exercising. Only ride or exercise with members of your own household and keep a 2-meter distance from other groups. Exercising must begin and end at your home.

Technically giving individuals more freedom than the local lockdown restrictions, the new rules coming into force on Friday the 23rd at 6pm allows cyclists more room for exercising. Instead of being stuck within local authority boundaries, cyclists have more freedom for their cycling journeys.

During the first nationwide lockdown of 2020, many people picked up cycling as a way of getting in some exercise. It’s a great way to keep both your mind and body healthy, with benefits being found in mental health and long-term health conditions.

With the added help of a motor, electric bikes are a great way to get out and enjoy the surrounding environment. While offering you all the significant benefits of riding a normal pedal bike, an electric motor also gives you that added power to let you ride for longer and further.

Helping with your day to day life, riding by bike helps reduce pollution and traffic on the roads. Research done by the Transport Research Labratory shows that ebike riders are twice as likely to get out and ride, and can help massively with the hills around Britain.

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Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive

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Bianchi Greenedge

Bianchi has begun a new chapter of its legacy in the UCI WorldTour by signing a multiyear partnership deal with GreenEDGE Cycling. Starting January 2021, both the men’s and women’s GreenEDGE squads will compete on Bianchi’s high-performance models.

As part of its new sports marketing strategy, Bianchi has decided to initiate a partnership with the Australian WorldTour team which will be characterised by a focus on innovation and inclusive communication, with a global approach, and highly competitive performance at races in all Countries.

Launched in 2011, GreenEDGE Cycling is Asia Pacific’s first and only WorldTour professional cycling team. Led by Australian businessman Gerry Ryan, GreenEdge has established itself as a world-class team with a truly international reach and highly engaged fans.

Vuelta a España winner and current Tirreno-Adriatico champion, Simon Yates, classics rider Michael Matthews, Amanda Spratt and the other riders of GreenEDGE Cycling will be supported by Bianchi with performance aero, all-rounder and TT bikes (including top of the range Specialissima, Oltre and Aquila models), specifically designed for each race situation.


As the team’s innovation partner, Bianchi’s Reparto Corse ‘racing division’, will work side by side with GreenEDGE’s performance team staff to create innovations and shape the future of bike racing. The race-winning marginal advantages created by Reparto Corse through its collaboration with GreenEDGE will continue to filter through to performance-driven Bianchi consumers around the globe.

Bianchi will also be the innovation partner of the GreenEDGE Women’s WorldTour team. Formed in 2012, the women’s team has been a leader on the international women’s cycling circuit from its inception. It is currently one of top-3 Women’s WorldTour teams.


After seven years of cooperation, Bianchi has concluded its sponsorship project with Team Jumbo Visma. The cooperation began in 2014 and saw the Dutch team develop into one of the strongest forces on the WorldTour, with wins at Grand Tours and monuments, and nearly 200 victories in total, including Vuelta Espana, Milan-Sanremo, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and podiums in Giro, Tour and Vuelta.

Fabrizio Scalzotto, CEO of Bianchi

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with GreenEDGE Cycling, the ideal team to pursue our new sponsorship cycle with a strong international approach in order to support our constantly growing presence in all continents.”

“In addition to the performance aspects that will enable Bianchi to innovate and further develop our new road racing products, we will work together with GreenEDGE Cycling to boost inclusive communication with our global fans and stakeholders. We are grateful to Team Jumbo-Visma for the completion of our sponsorship project across a successful seven-season campaign, in which we have collaborated to reach the pinnacle of performance in WorldTour cycling. Bianchi will continue to support the team until the end of the year, so that we can conclude the 2020 season in style.”

Gerry Ryan, Owner of GreenEDGE Cycling

“As we approach our tenth season at the top level of world cycling, we are invigorated by the opportunity to partner with Bianchi, a proven brand with a long and proud history, as we look towards the upcoming seasons”.

“We have witnessed the incredible success of riders using Bianchi equipment and are inspired by their plans for the future. The UCI WorldTour is consistently seeing more technology innovations and we are confident our collaboration with Bianchi will result in our riders racing on the most cutting edge road and time trial bicycles that will deliver many victories in the world’s biggest races.”

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Local Bike Shop Day

Local Bike Shop Day took place on the 5th of September 2020, seeing a 380% increase in reach, comparing to last year.

This year has been an odd one. But a positive is that there has been an upturn in cycling and enjoying the outdoors. And local bike shops saw the changing interest. On one day, there were over ‘5,000 unique to Local Bike Shop Day website’ according to Association of Cycle Traders. ‘[T]he most popular page being the ‘find a local bike shop’ search facility’, a good sign in the raising popularity of cycling.

The hashtag #supportyourlocalbikeshop had a reach of 360,025 across social media. People showing their support for local bike shops in the middle of the pandemic is a great sight. Local Bike Shop Day is an annual event to recognise the community within Britain. Giving them a chance to show their skills and knowledge to consumers.

The company Maybe* helped with the running of this years event. This allowing more detailed observations of what was happening across social media. The Association of Cycle Traders organisers of the Local Bike Shop Day spoke on how it made the day easier through seeing all the notifications in one place made it so much easier to ensure it ran smoothly.

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Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive

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E-bikers get a boost to their health… and their pockets

New research shows that it’s never been a better time to invest in e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars. A new, Newtown-based business, Electride, has started selling all forms of electric transport and is hoping to build on the positive research.

While the view of many is that e-bikes are used to make travelling less physically demanding the new research, published in the Journal of Transportation Research*, contradicts this and shows that actually commuters’ fitness benefits enormously. The study remarkably found that bikers in Norway actually “quadrupled their daily use of the bicycle for transport over six months.”

Cyclists with standard bikes were found to travel on average 1.3 miles a day whereas bikers who have embraced e-bikes actually covered an astonishing 5.7 miles, a four-fold increase in usage. Even with the boost from the electric motor, cyclists were found to consistently burn more calories riding e-bikes. Furthermore, this is considered by the authors to be a long-term effect, with little drop-off after months of usage – in other words, they don’t consider this to be a temporary boost but rather it showing long-term health benefits.

Another benefit seems to be for the riders’ pockets, as well as the planet, with e-bike owners taking 49% of all their journeys on two wheels, saving them significant transport costs. Compare this to their un-electrified colleagues who only travelled by bike 17% of the time.

More encouraging new data from a specialized bicycle insurance provider, Bikmo, shows that not only are the long-term health benefits real, but that there are even some short-terms ones too. Bikmo found that riders of electric bikes accounted for 38% fewer insurance claims compared to
pedal bike riders, on average – this seems to indicate, though far from conclusive, that you’re much less likely to be involved in an accident on an e-bike than on a standard one. The reason for this seems to be that e-bike riders can easily keep pace with commuting traffic when slower bikes find
themselves in the dangerous position of being alongside cars for longer periods, especially true when going uphill, an area that e-bikes excel in.

With e-bike sales are absolutely soaring at the moment, with backorders sometimes placed as far as two-years in advance. Luckily for Electride, they got into the market at the right time and have complied a good stock list for the area with luxury brands like Bianchi and more affordable ones like

Not content with stocking only e-bikes they have also branched out into e-scooters, e-motorbikes, e-cars and e-accessories. Despite some bad press from the usual misuse of new technology, e-scooter sales and usage has also skyrocketed with schemes already beginning in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Norwich and Cambridge, and more to follow. Some people may not like them, but e-scooters are here to stay, and the health and environmental benefits cannot be disputed.

To see the full range of e-transport that Electride stock please visit their website at:


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Cycle to work Scheme

Cycle To Work Scheme – Save 25-39% on a new bike for work!

Spreading the cost over a period of time through a monthly tax-free instalments through your employer, you can save money on that bike you’ve been eyeing up.

A way to cut down on your commuting expenses, cycling to work can help your wallet, health and the environment. Cycling to work can help with traffic problems and air pollution, while also offering you a way of saving money and improving your overall health. But the initial cost can be expensive – getting the bike, the gear, the accessories.

Through the Cycle To Work Scheme you can find the type of bike is best for you, and one that is available in your price range. Once you have an idea on the package that will work for you, find a retailer to shop with.

E-lectride has a range of bikes to suit all lifestyles, with an electric bike showroom. But we can supply non-electric bikes to order, if that is more your style.

Use the Cycle To Work Scheme calculator below to find out which package is recommended for you –

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Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive