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Cycling Through Lockdown

Cycling Through Lockdown

Following the announcement from the First Minister of Wales on the 19th of October regarding the fire-break lockdown, there have been some alterations in measures for cyclists in Wales.

Although it is advised to stay close to home, there is no distance limit on how far you can go during exercising. Only ride or exercise with members of your own household and keep a 2-meter distance from other groups. Exercising must begin and end at your home.

Technically giving individuals more freedom than the local lockdown restrictions, the new rules coming into force on Friday the 23rd at 6pm allows cyclists more room for exercising. Instead of being stuck within local authority boundaries, cyclists have more freedom for their cycling journeys.

Cycling Through Lockdown

During the first nationwide lockdown of 2020, many people picked up cycling as a way of getting in some exercise. It’s a great way to keep both your mind and body healthy, with benefits being found in mental health and long-term health conditions.

With the added help of a motor, electric bikes are a great way to get out and enjoy the surrounding environment. While offering you all the significant benefits of riding a normal pedal bike, an electric motor also gives you that added power to let you ride for longer and further.

Helping with your day to day life, riding by bike helps reduce pollution and traffic on the roads. Research done by the Transport Research Labratory shows that ebike riders are twice as likely to get out and ride, and can help massively with the hills around Britain.

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