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E-bikers get a boost to their health… and their pockets

New research shows that it’s never been a better time to invest in e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars. A new, Newtown-based business, Electride, has started selling all forms of electric transport and is hoping to build on the positive research.

While the view of many is that e-bikes are used to make travelling less physically demanding the new research, published in the Journal of Transportation Research*, contradicts this and shows that actually commuters’ fitness benefits enormously. The study remarkably found that bikers in Norway actually “quadrupled their daily use of the bicycle for transport over six months.”

Cyclists with standard bikes were found to travel on average 1.3 miles a day whereas bikers who have embraced e-bikes actually covered an astonishing 5.7 miles, a four-fold increase in usage. Even with the boost from the electric motor, cyclists were found to consistently burn more calories riding e-bikes. Furthermore, this is considered by the authors to be a long-term effect, with little drop-off after months of usage – in other words, they don’t consider this to be a temporary boost but rather it showing long-term health benefits.

Another benefit seems to be for the riders’ pockets, as well as the planet, with e-bike owners taking 49% of all their journeys on two wheels, saving them significant transport costs. Compare this to their un-electrified colleagues who only travelled by bike 17% of the time.

More encouraging new data from a specialized bicycle insurance provider, Bikmo, shows that not only are the long-term health benefits real, but that there are even some short-terms ones too. Bikmo found that riders of electric bikes accounted for 38% fewer insurance claims compared to
pedal bike riders, on average – this seems to indicate, though far from conclusive, that you’re much less likely to be involved in an accident on an e-bike than on a standard one. The reason for this seems to be that e-bike riders can easily keep pace with commuting traffic when slower bikes find
themselves in the dangerous position of being alongside cars for longer periods, especially true when going uphill, an area that e-bikes excel in.

With e-bike sales are absolutely soaring at the moment, with backorders sometimes placed as far as two-years in advance. Luckily for Electride, they got into the market at the right time and have complied a good stock list for the area with luxury brands like Bianchi and more affordable ones like

E-bikers get a boost to their health… and their pockets

Not content with stocking only e-bikes they have also branched out into e-scooters, e-motorbikes, e-cars and e-accessories. Despite some bad press from the usual misuse of new technology, e-scooter sales and usage has also skyrocketed with schemes already beginning in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Norwich and Cambridge, and more to follow. Some people may not like them, but e-scooters are here to stay, and the health and environmental benefits cannot be disputed.

To see the full range of e-transport that Electride stock please visit their website at: www.e-lectride.com


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