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Electric motorbikes and electric mopeds are fast growing in popularity.  In short, there are few reasons to dismiss emotorbikes and emopeds as an option for getting around.

Traditional motorbikers can’t believe how great the experience of riding an electric motorbikes is.  With less delay coupled with incredible acceleration, the ride is nothing short of exhilarating.

Simple twist and go controls delivers incredible torque and their low-slung motors support dynamic handling.

Electric motorbikes and electric mopeds come in all shapes and styles.  Consequently, they are ideal for all ages and lifestyles.

Sixteen year olds can ride the 50cc (equivalent) and people with a car license can ride up to a 125cc (equivalent).  In the first place, see which bike you can ride by following this link.

What’s more you can even save money by applying for the OLEV Plug in Motorcycle Grant (PIMG).  When you buy from Electride, we will apply on your behalf. Consequently, there are no lengthy forms to complete.

Currently, Electride are approved dealers of Artisan Scooters with Horwin and Super Soco.  Markedly, both offer three year battery and two year frame warranties.  Furthermore, all repairs and maintenance is carried out by the UK network of dealers.  Clearly, we’d like to see all of our customers back in our bike showroom in Newtown, Powys.

You can order your electric motorbike or electric moped online today for nationwide delivery.  Alternatively, call into Electride’s showroom in Mid Wales.  Mid Wales’ only electric motorbike, electric bike, electric moped and electric scooter specialist.  Please, contact Electride here

Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive family of innovative businesses.  This includesRevive & Drive.  See the rest of our emotorbikes and emopeds here

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