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Get on your e-bike with Electride!

Get on your e-bike with Electride!

Newtown based business, Electride, specialists in electric vehicles, have a new look in store! A designated e-bike, e-scooter and e-motorbike area, it’s easier now than ever to browse for your perfect match!

With a growing range of electric scooters, bicycles (and even a tricycle that you may have seen around town!), motorbikes and cars, it should be anyone’s first port of call when looking for environmentally sustainable ways of getting around.

And, during the last couple of weeks, Electride has partnered with Oxford Products to bring to Newtown a wide range of cycling and motorcycle accessories, from safety gear and helmets to rider wear, cleaning equipment and even a variety of mini-accessories to help kids cycle safely.

There is a growing base of evidence that demonstrates the health and financial benefits of using electric vehicles, with studies showing that the average distance covered by cyclists on normal bikes is around 1.3 miles per day, while riders of e-bikes cover up to 5.7 miles – four times the distance!

And, e-cyclists are far more likely to ditch the bus or car, taking up to 49% of all their journeys on a bike, generating significant cost benefits. For those who are less inclined to take advantage of pedal power, an electric motorbike costs as little as 8 pence for a full charge and with ranges of up to 80 miles, that’s the equivalent of riding 1,000 miles for just £1!

Get on your e-bike with Electride!
A range of bicycle and motorbike accessories available to browse in store

At a time when it is suddenly all too easy to shop online, the friendly team at Electride’s showroom at Unit 9 Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, would like to encourage you all to come and visit them in-store to view the vehicles and accessories, and to maybe test drive some of the range and are also keen to remind you that, if you can’t get to the store in person, you can still support local online at their website:

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Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive Group of Companies which includes Revive & Drive


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