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By Electride

When Electride opened it’s latest bike shop in Newtown, Powys the team was inundated with enquiries to convert bikes to electric.  Whilst Electride already offer electric bike conversions, the team wasn’t recommending it as an alternative to buying a ready-made electric bike.

Until…..we really thought about it.

There are many reasons why electric bikes are becoming so popular and arguably the top two reasons are the fitness and environmental benefits that they bring.  

Surely, if you have a bike that you are already comfortable with then disposing of it is neither good for your pocket or the environment.

“Calling into Electride to discuss your requirements and expectations will provide a level of expertise and assurance that you won’t find online.  Also, all Electride conversion kits match online prices, come with two years free servicing and offer you 10% discount on parts and accessories for life.”

However, there are caveats, buying a cheap bike conversion is liable to leave you disappointed not only in the results but also the look of your bike after it has been converted.  Staring at your beloved bike covered with wires and cable ties and your bank £500 or more lighter is not going to inspire you to hit the hills in a hurry.

But money and time invested wisely does allow you to build the bike that you want through a bike conversion kit.

The options are many and varied – do you want a front wheel drive bike conversion, a rear wheel drive bike conversion or a mid-drive pedal conversion?

How powerful do you want your motor?  What size battery do you want?  Where do you want the battery mounted?  On the frame or in a rack?

Whilst complex, converting your bike to electric allows you to get exactly what you want for your bike.  Thus possibly removing cost as a barrier.

However, there are many traps that you can fall into.  So, before you decide whether it is worth converting your bike to electric, it is recommended that you take your bike to Electride for a free consultation.

You can purchase electric bike conversion kits online for a wide range of prices from a number of companies.  However, at Electride the team keeps it simple by only fitting two makes of conversion kit.

Pendix and Cyclotricity have been carefully selected by company management as being worthy of Electride’s customers. 

With Electride selling at the same in-store price as online prices combined with the in-store service and expertise, converting your bike at Electride is a no-brainer.

Electride will not only carry out the bike conversion for you but the team will take you through all options without obligation.

So call 0800 689 4733 or email info@e-lectride.com to find out the best options for you

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