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Local Bike Shop Day

Local Bike Shop Day

Local Bike Shop Day took place on the 5th of September 2020, seeing a 380% increase in reach, comparing to last year.

This year has been an odd one. But a positive is that there has been an upturn in cycling and enjoying the outdoors. And local bike shops saw the changing interest. On one day, there were over ‘5,000 unique to Local Bike Shop Day website’ according to Association of Cycle Traders. ‘[T]he most popular page being the ‘find a local bike shop’ search facility’, a good sign in the raising popularity of cycling.

The hashtag #supportyourlocalbikeshop had a reach of 360,025 across social media. People showing their support for local bike shops in the middle of the pandemic is a great sight. Local Bike Shop Day is an annual event to recognise the community within Britain. Giving them a chance to show their skills and knowledge to consumers.

The company Maybe* helped with the running of this years event. This allowing more detailed observations of what was happening across social media. The Association of Cycle Traders organisers of the Local Bike Shop Day spoke on how it made the day easier through seeing all the notifications in one place made it so much easier to ensure it ran smoothly.

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