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Electride stocks a vast range of cycling and motorcycling helmets including brands such as Kali, Box, HJC, MT Helmets and Simpson.

Kali Helmets for cycling and electric bikes are available in many styles and are suitable for all ages and your chosen type of cycling.

Kali helmets are notable for their quality which is supported by their lifetime and crash replacement warranty.  See below for more information

“Kali Protectives offers its customers who have purchased a Kali bicycle helmet a limited Lifetime Crash Replacement (LCR) Warranty. If you have damaged your Kali bicycle helmet in a crash, you may file a claim to have your helmet replaced by Kali. You must send your helmet to Kali for inspection prior to receiving a replacement helmet. You cover the shipping, Kali Protectives wil cover your head!”

Showing 1–12 of 465 results

Showing 1–12 of 465 results