Ebikes including e-road bikes, e-mountain bikes, e-trikes, e-ladies bikes as well as e-gents bikes can all be found at Electride.  Mid Wales and Shropshire’s largest supplier of electric bikes.

E-bikes are the the future of cycling.  Far from being the easy option, an electric bike offers at least as much exercise as a traditional cycle.  This is because it is possible to go further and enjoy areas that you might not have been able to previously reach.

Ecycling is ideal for people of all abilities.  Even the least fit person can cycle up hills never previously thought possible.  And because you still need to pedal an ebike the health benefits are immense.

At Electride we offer two years free servicing on all of our electric bikes and electric trikes.

Our range include hybrid, mountain, folding, three-wheeled and road racing bikes.  Thus ensuring that we have the right bike for all lifestyles.

We stock Bianchi, Mission, Pulse, Vektron, Powabykes and much more too.

Electride also stocks  a range of Squish bikes for those too young to be able to ride and electric cycle.

We also stock Oxford locks and lights, Kali cycle helmets and TF2 lubricants and cleaning products.

Order your ebike online today for nationwide delivery or call into Electride’s showroom in Mid Wales.  Mid Wales’ only electric motorbike, electric bike, electric moped and electric scooter specialist.  Contact Electride here

Electride is part of the Revive & Thrive family of innovative businesses which include Revive & Drive.  In addition to ebikes, please see our emotorbikes and emopeds here

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